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Top 4 STEM Career Fields (Plus Some You May Have Not Considered)

Posted by Marissa Alonzo on May 23, 2018 10:05:14 AM


By Jamie LaGesse

As teachers, we often struggle with student buy-in and engagement. We've heard the question many times: "why do I need to learn this?"

As STEM teachers, we could answer with any of the following: "job stability", "economic growth," or "for your future." All of these responses are true, but none will resonate quite as much as this one: MONEY.

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What is STEM? Settling into a Definition that Works

Posted by Marissa Alonzo on May 4, 2018 12:55:18 PM


What is STEM?


By: Jamie LaGesse

If you were to ask teachers, parents, or students this question, you would get a wide variety of responses:

"Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math."

"The use of project-based learning to guide instruction."

"Educators helping students develop workforce skills."

All of these answers are scattered but absolutely correct. If you are defining STEM based on inputs, or tools and instructional strategies considered best practices in STEM classrooms. But, what really is the endgame when it comes to STEM instruction?

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Putting 'School' and 'Real' Worlds on a Collision Course to Maximize Student Learning

Posted by Marissa Alonzo on Apr 5, 2018 8:12:25 AM


By: Jamie LaGesse

Why do I need to learn this? It's a question every teacher has faced at one time or another. So, how do we convince students that what they are doing in the classroom matters? It's simple, really. We stop creating a gap between the "real" world and the "school world." What does that even mean? Which world are we living in if not the real one? Doesn't it make more sense to empower students to see the connections between their learning and the world outside of school?

This approach eliminates the conceptualization of two distinct and separate worlds and builds in students an understanding that their learning is immediately applicable and necessary. Our role as STEM teachers is to help make the classroom environment look and feel more like the external environment, so students can move between the two comfortably.

So, how do we blur — or even erase — that invisible line between the "real" and "schools" worlds? We could go about this by making connections in two directions: into and out of the classroom.

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What is Mastery Learning in STEM?

Posted by Marissa Alonzo on Jul 27, 2017 1:32:49 PM

By: Amanda James

One of the biggest challenges teachers face in the classroom is ensuring learning for all. What do I do if some of the students get it and others do not? How do I challenge the students that grasp the content at a faster rate than other students? How can I support my struggling students who get lost early in the material but do not ask for help? How can I challenge my students to think critically and problem solve? What activities can I use to provide my students with creative opportunities while still interacting with content?

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