Marissa Alonzo
Marissa Alonzo


I am a graduate of Texas State University-San Marcos and entered my career in Sales and Marketing upon graduation. I began as a Campaign Manager for a full scale marketing firm in Austin, Texas that specialized in road and trade shows before adding more progressive learning opportunities as a Sales Developer for an online marketing company that specialized in SEO and mobile optimization. I then made the choice to move into a larger market and put down roots in Houston, Texas, where I involved myself in multiple projects as a consultant for a hardware/software solutions based firm and in the non-profit sector.

Why I Joined the Accelerate Learning team

I joined the Accelerate Learning team because I am a strong advocate for the advancement of youth-based education innovation and accessibility for students that need extra help in the classroom. Many of my friends and family members have worked for the school system as either a teacher, aid, or volunteer, and they have given me deep insight into the educational system and standards. This has helped me realize that without the support of the community, education can lose its priority status.

What I do at Accelerate Learning

I support the sales team by providing assistance in the development and analysis of email campaigns, custom promotional materials, purchasing conference and trade show items, social media management, and managing preview accounts for potential prospects. Additionally, I help cultivate the company culture by providing event coordination of teambuilding events.

My hope for the future classroom

My hopes for the future classroom are to see more innovation and progression in regards to STEM. I, myself, was never fully involved in those subjects and wished that I had teachers that would have spent time doing more hands-on projects and experiments.

In my spare time…

In my free time, I do additional freelance marketing work for small businesses, get together with family and friends, and travel whenever and wherever I can!

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